Through reaching high levels of internal alignment and integrity all physically, emotionally and spiritually you will attain an existence of true peace and vitality both for yourself and be able to share with others. In this deeply immersive 9 month program you will get to know your body as a temple and tap into an empowered state of being that will last throughout your entire life. In addition to becoming a highly trained yoga teacher, you will step into a path of true heart mastery and be able to both live and teach from your authenticity. This training is a big opportunity to be your most empowered self and show up in your life with great confidence, clarity and joy.

MEET your tribe and gain lifelong community.

ESTABLISH connection to your Heart & Intuition.

LEARN the philosophy and teachings of yoga.

ACQUIRE tools to know, love and express yourself. 

UNDERSTAND living from the Heart.

EMPOWER yourself to your highest potential.

KNOW the roots of yoga.

DEEPEN your asana practice with internal alignment.

TRANSFORM your life to ease and joy.

HEAL your body and your relationship to it.

CHANGE limiting thought habits into positive motivation.   




Yoga Philosophy 

History and Roots of Yoga

Heart Wisdom Teachings™

Bhakti Yoga



Sound Healing

Functional Anatomy

Ayurveda - The sister science to yoga.

Yoga Law/Ethics Course

The Art of Teaching

Heart-Based Leadership



No formal experience is required. It is recommended that you have a basic knowledge of yoga and some practice experience. It is NOT required that you are flexible free of injuries. All body types and those with physical challenges are welcome.


The Body Temple Yoga™ 200hr Teacher Training Manual is included in the cost of the training.




9 MONTH program starts September 28th 2019!

Saturday’s 11-7pm

Sunday's 10-6pm


September 28, 29

October 19, 20

November 2, 3

December 7, 8

January 25, 26

February 22, 23

March 28, 29

April 25, 26

May 30/ 31 – graduation!












We have a BEAUTIFUL 3000sq ft HOME 


255 North Market Street, Suite 270
San Jose, Ca. 95113



$500 Commitment Down Payment to Register
$497 per/month September to May





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 Stand out from the crowd: Be a sought after yoga teacher because of the high quality training you received from BTYS.


All BTYS Graduates have first priority to teach at our studio in San Jose - arrange your class time and get support as a new teacher!


Apply for the Body Temple Yoga™ Mentorship Program and apply everything that you learned in the Head to Heart 200hr Yoga Teacher Training, and get one-on-one coaching directly from Daniella as a new teacher in a real time class environment.


Train to become a Teacher Trainer for BTYS by applying for The  300hr Body Temple Yoga™Advanced Teacher Training Program and The Body Temple Yoga™ Ambassador Program to become a teacher trainer of the school and be certified to teach the method of Body Temple Yoga™.


 Join our bi-annual BTY Alumni Gatherings and be part of a warm, supportive, loving, and growing tribe of heart-based leaders and game changers who believe heart-based leading and living will make the world a better place.

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Daniella Ambika Cotreau E-RYT500, YACEP , CEO and Founder of Body Temple Yoga™ School

My heart path started at at the age of 5. I had a deep intuitive knowing that there was more to love and the power of the Heart than what I was being taught or shown. I put out a prayer to know more, and from that day forward, life gave me years of countless experiences and challenges that answered that curiosity.

Fast foward to today, I have stories to tell and wisdom of the Heart to share.

My yoga path started in 2003. I have 17 years of practice and study with teachers that include Baba Hari Dass, Sianna Sherman, Desiree Rumbaugh and Noah Maze, I was certified in Anusara-Inspired Yoga in the winter of 2008.

My studies in Yoga Philosophy were over the span of 4 years with Tantra scholars Christopher Wallis, Douglas Brooks, and Christopher Tompkins.

My meditation training was with Paul Muller-Ortega with whom I received Neelakantha Meditation Initiation in May of 2010. 

In 2012, I founded Body Temple Yoga™ School. BTYS is a home of confidence building, cutting edge education, dedicated to spreading the wisdom of the Heart, through high quality yoga education. It is home to a growing community of brave hearts and warm, supportive humans who believe in the power of the Heart and practice to live this everyday. We are committed to our own transformation as well as the transformation of the lives of others.

I am a Heart Wisdom Mentor and Coach, an intuitive medium, ERYT-500 senior yoga instructor, the founder of Body Temple Yoga™ School and the creator of The Body Temple Yoga™ Method.

 I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing this journey with you.





Amy Fowlkes

Applied Musculo Skeletal Anatomy

Amy is a physical therapist and manual therapy specialist. She has a Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, as well as a Master’s of Physical Therapy Degree. She is a Board Certified Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS). She offers hands on techniques to help diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint structure pathology. Most recently she has been focusing on the scientific approach to rehabilitation, as taught by the Ola Grimsby Institute. Amy’s distinct blend of exercise science, extensive manual therapy skills and yoga training makes her rehabilitation style innovative and fun.



Introduction to Ayurveda

Satya Shiva is a teacher and advocate of Integrative Medicine, Buddhist Education, and Sustainable Community.
 She is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist, Acupuncturist, Herbalist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She specializes in Panchakarma, the purification and rejuvenation techniques of the ancient Himalayan Yogis.
 Satya is a Meditation Instructor in the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. She studied with Pema Khandro Rinpoche for over 17 years and is the Managing Director of Ngakpa International and the Community of Buddhist Yogis. She serves as the director of fundraising and outreach for Ngakpa House, a charity which sponsors education for children and orphans in the Himalayan border regions.


Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Law and Ethics

Gary has a Certificate of Yoga Philosophy from the California Institute of Integral Studies. He has studied yoga at Esalen Institute, Big Sur California, Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India and Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville, Virginia. He recently published his first book entitled: “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali- Illuminations Through Image, Commentary and Design.” The book provides a new and inviting approach to studying and living the Yoga Sutras by using imagery, poetry and quotation to illuminate the heart of the Sutras. 



“I had an amazing experience with Body Temple Yoga School! Daniella has so much knowledge of anatomy, alignment and yoga philosophy. It is not just her knowledge that makes her training incredible, but also her dedication to supporting her trainees and working closely to transform them into the best possible teachers they can be."

Sara H.
San Jose, CA. , July 2017 graduate


"Daniella Ambika’s authentic guidance helps you find your own path in this world by directing you back to yourself and your heart. The quality of her training gave me a well rounded base to feel confident enough to start teaching right after my 200 hours were completed." 

Gina N.
Silicon Valley, CA. December 2016 graduate


“I have the highest regard for Daniella and The Body Temple Yoga™ Teacher Training. Daniella is incredibly thorough and rigorous. I learned so much about myself, my personal practice, proper alignment, living from my heart and yoga philosophy. Her training changed my life. I would recommend it with great enthusiasm to anyone.”

Jocelyn L.
Bay Area, CA. February 2016 graduate



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